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Betty-Lou Luyken Photography


For Betty-Lou Luyken all her life has evolved around animals. As a very young girl she read a lot about animals, their behaviour and their habitat. After a long time of horsebackriding and owning a horse she went to Kenya on holiday and discovered Nature and wildlife photography, which was a good combination with her love for animals, nature and the environment.

Betty-Lou tries to contribute to the protection of wildlife and nature through her photography. In her opinion wildlife and nature photography can never impose on nature, especially on the animals that live in it.

The images on this website are made with the utmost respect for nature: the animals and the environment. Betty-Lou invites you to enjoy the images in the hope they will give the viewer a litlle bit of the breathtaking feeling that nature can give.

All images on this site are copyrighted and they can be bought as a print on high quality photopaper, on canvas, aluminium or perspex. The images can be used for publication, but only after Betty-Lou has given written permission.

Not the entire photo archive can be put on this site. The images will therefore regularly change.

If you are looking for something in particular that is not on this site, if you want to use an image or images for publication or if you want more information, please “Contact” Betty-Lou.